Light Sweet Crude Oil

There are several grades of domestic and internationally traded foreign crudes and each serve the diverse needs of the physical market. Light, sweet crudes are preferred by refiners because of their low sulphur content and relatively high yields of high-value products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, and jet fuel.

Crude oil is the world's most actively traded commodity and the NYMEX Division light, sweet crude oil futures contract is the world's most liquid forum for crude oil trading, as well as the world's largest-volume futures contract trading on a physical commodity. Because of its excellent liquidity and price transparency, the contract is used as a principal international pricing benchmark. The contract trades in units of 1,000 barrels, and the delivery point is Cushing, Oklahoma, which is also accessible to the international spot markets

Product Specifications and Information
Light Sweet Crude Oil Futures
Spread 4 pips
1000 Barrels
1$ (Mini Size)
Margin $300
Monday 2.00 AM to Saturday 12.30 AM
Daily from 12.15 Am to 1.00 Am