Nasdaq 100 is an index composed of the 100 largest, most actively traded U.S companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. This index includes companies from a broad range of industries with the exception of those that operate in the financial industry, such as banks and investment companies and includes companies incorporated outside the United States. The Index reflects companies across major industry groups including computer hardware and software, telecommunications, retail/wholesale trade and biotechnology.

Top five companies with the largest weight in the Index are Apple with over 20%, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm with and Oracle with 2.8%.

Product Specifications and Information
Mini NASDAQ 100 Index Futures
CME Globex
Spread 2 pips
$20 * E-mini futures
1 Index point
$2 (Mini Size)
Margin $100
Monday 2:00 AM to Saturday 12:15 AM
Daily from 12:15 Am to 12.30 Am & 1.30 Am to 2.00 Am