Spot Gold

The term ‘carat’ will be familiar to many – what it represents is the amount of gold contained in the item it describes. ’24 carat’ is pure gold. Gold is held both as a long term investment and as a short term hedge in times of insecurity or instability in the markets. The price of gold therefore often becomes more volatile in times of political or economic uncertainty than it does by pure demand/supply dynamics in the underlying physical market. There is a commonly held conception that, due to non-delivery of physical gold, the ownership of gold exceeds the volume of gold that actually exists.

Product Specifications and Information
Spread 50 cents
100 Troy Ounce
$1.00 per 0.01
Margin $1,000
Monday 2.00 AM to Saturday 12.30 AM
Daily from 1:15 Am to 2.00 Am