About Trader Center

Who we are

From the day of  of the Trader  Center's  foundation till this moment, Trader center for financial services is considered of the pioneer companies in the field of brokerage and financial services and with board client base in Iraq and abroad.

Trader Center has proven its liability and trust-worthy features throughout satisfied clients and successful partners who joined its IB program. Our IB program has been recognized as one of the best Introducing Brokers ones in the region. This was accomplished by the quality of the services we offer.

Trader Center is managed by highly qualified, long accumulated experience more than 15 years in financials investment realm, so they can select breakthrough technologies available in order to present the best quality services in the world.

Trader Center is a registered company and licensed in Iraq and Kurdistan under license number (000067787-02), It is authorized and organized by Central Bank of Iraq.

Our Message

We are striving to become the one of the pioneers in the investment realm in the Forex  by providing our client transparent, trustworthy, effective services  locally, and internationally.

Our Vision

We have the passion to satisfy our clients by using the cutting edge and best strategies in the Foreign Exchange field,  So it would increase our client’s returns on investments and alleviate their risks to the minimum.

Why Trader Choosing Center

  • We are subject to the supervision of Central Bank of Iraq.
  • Very low spread.
  • Wide varieties of financial securities.
  • Entering multi markets from one account.
  • Our employees are highly qualified and trained.
  • It is very easy to access our team by phone call and live chat service on our website 24 hours.
  • Fund your account and withdraw from account in easy way.
  • Financials analysis and Markets news are regularly available.
  • Trader Center is committing to take all your financial transactions, questions and inquiries confidentially and highest quality regardless how much experience in trading you have, we deal our clients in the best possible services.