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IB- Intermediate Broker

Being IB to "Trader Center" makes you able to build a network of clients and increase your income through service partners managed effectively and comfortably. Your agreement with Trader Center will achieve our common goals more effectively and efficiently.

What is Introducing Broker (IB):

It is a company or individual who markets forex trading through Trader Center for getting commissions ,rewards and ongoing support and follow up for the services to be provided to customers.

"Trader Center" presents to its partners comprehnsive training services, fast secret payments of the commissions and all what needed to ensure full readiness to use by your needs and for marketing the services provided by us.

In addition, our support department and the help desks are available within the market trading hours to fulfill your needs.

It is also our special incentives and rewards for the best Intermediate brokers in the trading market.

(Please contact support team for the partners to find out how you can increase the returns on your work to the maximum).

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